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Pediatric Chiropractic in Rockton

Do you ever feel like your child is constantly on the gas pedal? That they seem unable to hit the brakes? There’s no greater desire in a parent’s heart than for their child to experience a life greater than you can imagine. If you think your child needs to hit the “reset” button, chiropractic can do just that by looking to their nervous system.

Coping With Damage to the Nervous System

Starting from birth, children encounter numerous forms of trauma. Whether your child’s birth was natural or a C-section, it causes damage to their spine. As they grow, they fall, roughhouse and play sports. Their environment is also full of chemicals and toxins that contribute to this damage. As a result, their nervous system goes into overload.

You might be bringing your child to doctor’s office after doctor’s office. They may be on medications. You want to find a better solution without drugs that allows them to enjoy their childhood. When we focus on improving the state of their nervous system health, their body can heal itself.

The scans we take with the INSiGHT™ Subluxation Station give us a detailed look at both components of your child’s nervous system. The sympathetic mode is what you can relate to the “gas pedal” always being deployed. They’re in a constant state of fight or flight. We want them to be in the parasympathetic part of the nervous system, which allows them to rest, digest and heal.

What is the new patient process for a child?

We have some different paperwork for our youngest practice members that Mom or Dad can fill out. We’ll have a consultation with just the parents, then take scans on the child. Unless they’ve experienced a traumatic situation, we won’t need to take X-rays.

What types of techniques do you use on kids?

We’ll use the Activator® or modify our regular chiropractic techniques. Since their muscles aren’t fully developed, a lighter touch is all that is required. If our practice member is an infant, Mom or Dad can hold them during the adjustment.

What if my child feels anxious about getting adjusted?

We love seeing kids and understand how to get on their level and involve them in their care. We’ll be playful about it and make it interactive so that they have fun.

Have you helped babies with specific problems?

Yes! Babies who can’t latch properly on the breast and colicky babies are just a couple that we’ve assisted. By removing interference from the nervous system, the baby’s body can heal.

If my baby or child has an issue, how long will it take to notice a difference?

Everyone heals differently, including babies and children. After we scan them, we’ll go through 12 visits, then retake the scans to see if we need to adapt or change what we’re doing.

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