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If you’re considering Positive Changes Chiropractic for your health care needs, we’re honored to be of service. You likely have some questions about what we do or what you can expect. Here, you’ll find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

I heard that if I start going to a chiropractor, I’ll always have to go. Is this true?

There are so many myths about chiropractic. We will never tell you what you “have” to do. We’ve seen the incredible benefits of wellness chiropractic. If you only want to be under care for a time, we’re here for you. Whatever your choice is, we support you!

Does it hurt to be adjusted?

Typically, the adjustment does not hurt. If you’re in a great deal of pain when you come in, however, it can cause some slight discomfort. We’ll let you know what to expect before you get adjusted.

Can chiropractic cure everything?

Chiropractic is not a cure for anything. All we do is allow your body to adapt, heal and take care of itself.

Does insurance cover chiropractic for kids?

Insurance usually only covers chiropractic for pain-related reasons. Children tend to see us more for wellness care, which there is no coverage for.

Will I need a physician’s referral?

A few insurance plans require that you have your doctor refer you to us, though most do not.

Will I get adjusted on my first visit with you?

We generally wait until the second visit to give you an adjustment, which gives Dr. Andrena time to analyze your scans and X-rays. If you are in severe pain, we may make an exception.

Will you suggest therapeutic exercises I can do?

Yes! Dr. Andrena will give you exercises and make other lifestyle-related suggestions that may benefit you.

I’ve had back surgery before. Can I still go to a chiropractor?

Yes. We can work with you, thanks to our many techniques.

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